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The Mick Molloy Show

The Mick Molloy Show
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Title:The Mick Molloy Show
Original Title:The Mick Molloy Show
Created by: Mick Molloy
First Air Date: 1999-07-10
Last Air Date: 1999-08-28
Country: AU
Runtime: 120 min.
Genre: Comedy

 Networks:Nine Network
Language: en
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The Mick Molloy Show was a television program that appeared on the Nine Network in Australia for just eight weeks during 1999. The host, Mick Molloy, was a widely acclaimed comedian from The Late Show and Martin/Molloy. The program's running time was approximately 1 hour 50 minutes. The show was essentially took a laidback, easy-going chat variety format, with a set comprising a couple of couches, a coffee table and resident band. The regular weekly guest band, featuring acts not normally seen on commercial television, added to the musical interludes. All this was combined with a some pre-recorded sketches, movie reviews, a sport segment, regular guests and local comedians to create a relaxed, urban/warehouse vibe. The lead-in shows were the iconic Hey Hey It's Saturday and The Pretender. The premise of the show was that some mates would gather together on a pair of couches on a Saturday night. It was a variety show, with comedy, and musical performances. At the time The Mick Molloy Show was in pre-production, the popular comedy movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me had just been released, featuring the character Mini-me. In the debut episode, Tony Martin brought many gifts for Mick for his first show, including a new sidekick for Mick called Mini-Mick, a vertically challenged replica of Mick, parodying Mini-me. Mini-Mick was played by Arthur Serevetas. Mini-Mick's catchphrase was "Blow it out your arse!" and was generally a more vulgar version of Mick, often yelling obscenities at people. Mini-Mick appeared in all eight episodes of The Mick Molloy Show.

Characters :

Actor : Tony Martin

Characters :

Actor : Bob Franklin

Characters :

Actor : Mick Molloy

Characters :

Actor : Paul Hester

Characters :

Actor : Judith Lucy

Characters :

Actor : Tony Martin


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